Two new articles from the MSP lab

Congrats to Laina Lusk, who recently published her honors work in the journal Frontiers in Psychology: “Differential gaze patterns on eyes and mouth during audiovisual speech segmentation.”

In addition, Mitchel and colleagues have a forthcoming paper in the Journal of Phonetics: “Audiovisual perceptual learning with multiple speakers.”


MSP research presented at Psychonomics in Long Beach

IMG_0775Senior lab member Ian Wellington recently presented results from our study of individual differences in multisensory integration.  This work was the result of a grant funded by the Bucknell-Geisinger Research Initiative.  Presenting the poster with Dr. Mitchel and Ian was Marissa Mitchel, MS CCC-SLP, who is a researcher and clinician at Geisinger’s Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute.

Summer research profiled on Bucknell’s homepage

recent article highlighted all the excellent work Alexis and Duke have been doing this summer as they prepare the stimuli for their honors theses.  Congrats on successfully completing the PUR fellowships, and keep up the great work!

Sigma Xi 2013 Summer Poster Session

IMG_20130725_145748_451“Duke” Wellington recently presented a poster at the Sigma Xi summer research session.  Over the summer, Duke worked on creating stimuli for an upcoming project on individual difference in multisensory integration.